winter on the smallholding – New goose

well, off we trotted to a conference, leaving son in charge, only to find on our return that he’d bought a new goose “because our gander looked a little sad” (the old goose died a few months ago having made it to 8 years). This one is a Toulouse cross. Now the Toulouse breed was originally bred for foie gras and so is quite a chunky bird. This one was used to living freerange, with an island to sleep on. Our birds are also free-ranging but we put them into a shed at dusk, to keep them safe from the fox. Son of course was off out. The new goose did not expect to sleep in a shed – and I certainly did not expect her to fly. The best our geese have managed before is a sort of running/jumping gait accompanied by  much flapping of wings.


And so, bedtime has been difficult these past few days. Still, our hairy horse (cob with a moustache) has definitely found bedtimes much more amusing.



looking calm now but….