winter on the smallholding – New goose

well, off we trotted to a conference, leaving son in charge, only to find on our return that he’d bought a new goose “because our gander looked a little sad” (the old goose died a few months ago having made it to 8 years). This one is a Toulouse cross. Now the Toulouse breed was originally bred for foie gras and so is quite a chunky bird. This one was used to living freerange, with an island to sleep on. Our birds are also free-ranging but we put them into a shed at dusk, to keep them safe from the fox. Son of course was off out. The new goose did not expect to sleep in a shed – and I certainly did not expect her to fly. The best our geese have managed before is a sort of running/jumping gait accompanied by  much flapping of wings.


And so, bedtime has been difficult these past few days. Still, our hairy horse (cob with a moustache) has definitely found bedtimes much more amusing.



looking calm now but….

About lesleylodge

Lesley Lodge now lives on a smallholding bafflingly close to Luton, England, but grew up in the New Forest and has worked for a racing stable, a palomino stud farm and a horse trainer. Her long-time ride is Freddie, a hairy bay cob mare with a long moustache. Lesley has had several short stories published. Blues to Orange, a story about a farmer ruined by the foot and mouth outbreak, was a Luton Literary Prize Winner and published in Junction 10, a collection of short stories. She has twice been a runner-up prize winner in the annual British National Short Screenplay Competition and was the Time Out and Jim Beam Bourbon Cult Film Buff of the Year some years ago. Lesley is always looking for new stories about horses in film or TV

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