The Horse in Film – ebook published – but ooops…..


Yesterday my ebook was published in Amazon’s kindle store. Yay! BUT – and there’s a lesson here for all enthusiastic ebook writers – I was in such an excited hurry to get the blurb (Amazon calls it the product description) done, I checked it three times, yes, but the eye saw what it expected to see and right in the first sentence I ACTUALLY WROTE THE WRONG TITLE. 

It was the old error of cut and paste etc. I used its old, working title, Lights! Camera! Canter! you see.

Interestingly, googling my book, as you do when you are just published, I discovered that there is an ebook called Lights! Camera! Murder! The mind boggles.

Anyway, back to Lights! Camera! Gallop!. This ebook tells the story of the horse in film and television, from simple means of transport through character parts to glamorous film star, from the silent films through swashbucklers and Westerns to present day films. Aimed at all who appreciate the beauty of horses or have an interest in films, this book includes celebrity-style briefings on the horses in star roles in film and TV – including their make-up secrets. 

Coming soon on Apple etc. Hopefully error-free.

Lesley Lodge (wiser now)

Lady Godiva’s horse

Here is Lady Godiva’s horse coming serenely through Streatley Village. Not looking as flexible as the ones on stage in War Horse but impressively tall.